Scents of Mountains

We blended all-natural essential oils into beautiful scents inspired by local nature
– Let these Sciencely Handmade scented goods take you on a trip to Taiwan and California.

Scents of Mountains: Summer in California

Golden Sunset at Berkeley Hills

The top note of rose would be your first stop to the Berkeley Hills while admiring different cultivated varieties, seeing prom-goers and newlyweds celebrating summer by taking photos all dressed up as you pass by. The middle note of lemongrass that brings out the grassy UC Botanical Garden is the hidden spot for picnics after traveling around the world in the eyes of plants, and finally ending the day with the base note, a grounding juniper, by driving through the woods and standing on Grizzly Peak, admiring Golden Gate Bridge in the dusk.

Did you know: Berkeley Hills is only 19m away from being a mountain?

Summer Morning at Mission Peak

On a spontaneous trip to Mission Peak at sunrise, let hints of sweet lavender calmness take you through the tranquil paths and into the sea of clouds, then walk through the sunlit open fields before midday with the bright and earthy scent of lemongrass that is refreshing, before finally reaching the landmark totem pole of Mission Peak. Mission Peak holds a special place among locals – Through the sighting tubes on the famous totem pole atop, hikers can have a peek of landmarks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Did you know: there’s a time capsule containing wine and a replica of the Ohlone charmstone at the base of the pole?

Scents of Mountains: Spring in Taiwan

The Crispness of Yangmingshan

With the “ScentsOfMountains- Taiwan: The Crispness of Yangmingshan”, let yourself be spirited away by the fresh, crisp scent to the mistiness of the famous Yangmingshan that has a youthful, vibrant atmosphere in the spring.

Scent palette: Enjoy the crisp morning air in the peppermint of the top note, and slowly ease into the middle of the day approaches and reveal the glory of the mountain with the lemon middle note, then end the day with the woody calmness on the way down the shaded path with a Chinese cedarwood base note.

Note: Please add in inquiry to ask about whether the specimen bottles are in stock if you so desire.

The Tranquility of Basianshan

Give in to the hidden gem of the region, let the the woody, serene “Scents Of Mountains- Taiwan: The Tranquility of Basianshan” guide you into the needle-leaved forest with a rich forestry history.

Scent palette: Take in the air as you walk outside and enjoy the springtime air with a eucalyptus top note, and walk in the forest and let the calming sound of fresh soil brings you into a meditative state with a lavender middle note, and sit by the historical remnants in the Chinese cedarwood base note to reflect on the past in the depth of the needle-leaved forest.

Note: Please add in inquiry to ask about whether the specimen bottles are in stock if you so desire.