Native Plants of Taiwan

Take a trip to the beautiful tropics of Taiwan

Slow-crafted, completely handmade jewelry made with an ethnobotany and scientific lens

Luzon viburnum, Viburnum luzonicum (呂宋莢蒾) is one of the major foods for the Formosan Black Bear, a vulnerable species in Taiwan. Dew form in the mountains where this is grown, and is depicted in the design.

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A Queen of a kingdom

The discovery of phalaenopsis aphrodite in Lanyu (“Orchid Island”) of Taiwan marks the beginning of The Orchid Kingdom. The orchid is used to develop many cultivars and is a symbol of motherhood and leadership.

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Bulbous fern with two forms…

lemmaphyllum microphyllum (伏石蕨), or simply lemmaphyllym, is a fern that has is very adaptable in different environments and changes forms depending on its needs.

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Summer by the pond

In the summertime, a cooling activity is strolling or playing in the pond. Enjoy a view of the three-petaled Ottelia alismoides (水車前) with leaves that are crunchy and loved by country children as snacks.

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Cherry blossoms of the south

The winters of Taiwan bring beautiful Taiwan cherry that symbolizes a thriving woman. Yangmingshan in the wintertime offers a view of Prunus campanulata (山櫻花).

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