Featured Scent: Indigenous Cinnamon 東勢玉桂手記

The indigenous cinnamon that is endemic to Taiwan has a mild, sweet cinnamon scent, which in local ethnobotanical uses, can be processed in different ways for medicinal, culinary, and therapeutic purposes. As the leaves and branches contain high levels of cinnamaldehyde, the entire plant can be harvested to extract essential oils and hydrosol.

「土肉桂」 是台灣傳統可食用植物, 味道比起肉桂溫和, 葉子萃取或乾燥是台灣本地食材, 藥性辛溫, 土肉桂全株有「肉桂醛」, 樹皮與枝葉都能夠提煉精油與純露。可以取代肉桂入菜,葉片帶有溫和甜味與濃郁香氣,卻相較肉桂辛辣刺激的口感更加溫和。

The specially-made DongShih 2023 limited edition indigenous cinnamon gift box is made with sustainably cultivated, harvested, and processed indigenous cinnamon essential oil from the DongShih Forest District of Taichung, Taiwan to achieve net zero and local environmental conservation. Sciencely Handmade designs the gift box and handcrafts essential oil blend with the district’s local forestry’s mission and history in mind, transforming this sustainable ideology into a meaningful scented DongShih native forest experience in the gift box for visitors to take home.